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02/24/2023New Category
Added AI generated as a category

02/01/2021PGP encryption
Mails to FM can be encrypted using PGP.
The public key is available on author / user info page

01/20/2021Random Title Images
updated the Random Title Images function

12/22/2020Category search
Instead of Radio Buttons categories are now listed as links

12/22/2020Keyword search
Instead of Radio Buttons keywords are now listed as links

11/25/2020SWI display
Improved the display of Stories With Images on mobile devices

07/02/2020Random Reviews
Added a link for story details to the Random Reviews on the title page

07/28/2019Mobile Devices
Added parameters for HTML on mobile devices, so that the page size is the device's size.

03/04/2016Menu for mobiles browsers
The menu switches to the "old" style when a mobile browser is detected.

05/17/2013alternate URL
You can access Fictionmania using a different URL (in case you're blocked)


04/28/2013secure communication protocol (https)
Fictionmania now supports secure communication (SSL/TLS) over the https protocol.


01/01/2013Story Counter
Added a story read counter (story details).
All counters are set to zero 01/01/2013.

07/21/2012Random reviews
Added 5 random reviews to the main page.

09/06/2011New feature for Super Search
added a checkbox to limit the search to SWIs.

09/05/2011Selectable Story Links
the story links are now selectable between buttons and text links.

08/31/2011Search By Reviewer
Added a search to list stories reviewed by a specific reviewer.

08/29/2011New Buttons
The links for ST, SWI and HTML are now buttons.

07/31/2011Added Author Search
Added a function to search for authors with a text string.

07/30/2011New Menu
Added a dropdown menu to replace the links at the top of each page.
You can change which menu to use anytime.

07/20/2011Story Queue
Added the queue of stories submitted to FM
(It's in Author Info)

03/08/2011Kindle Support
to support the Kindle reader, the ST link doesn't open in a new window.

03/07/2011New Story Reading Option
Added a new option to read stories: HTML. The purpose is to have a freely sizable window without the fixed line length of the plain text ST link.

The plain text file is converted to HTML on the fly. For longer stories this might need a few seconds. Then a new, smaller window is opened to display the converted story.

02/26/2011Browser Upload
Story files now can be uploaded directly with the browser.

02/10/2011Enhanced Super Search
Enhanced the Super Search: added the search for a string of words, selectable as whole word or substring search

02/06/2011Synopsis Search
Added the synopsis as a search criteria for the SuperSearch

01/26/2011Search results
Changed the number of results from 12 to 25

11/18/2010RSS Feed
Added RSS feed for the 25 newest stories.

09/28/2010New Category
Added "Good Boy To Bad Girl" as a category

09/27/2010Report link
added a link to report an inappropriate story (at the bottom of each story)

03/01/2010New Category
added "Transitioning" as a category.

07/31/2009New Categories and Keywords
Added categories:
Accidental Change
Action / Adventure
Fast Transformation
Identity Theft
Multiple Ttransformations
Nonhuman Transformation
Real Life Situation
Slow Transformation
Sweet / Sentimental

Breast Enlargment
Gay / Lesbian

03/25/2007Improved story access
The speed of showing the story when clicking on "Click here to read the story in a new window", "ST" or "SWI" is improved.

11/05/2006Story Header Updated
Updated the story header - The information prior to the story when you click on the story name.

04/22/2006Stories Posted per Month
Updated the Stories Posted per Month

04/18/2006ST link problem fixed
Fixed the problem that the ST link (next to the story title) sometimes didn't work.

03/20/2006SWI guidelines updated
Updated: How to Add Your Own Images to Create a SWI or Story with Images

Moved FAQ to its own link, some minor updates to the faq.

08/02/2005Added more Bios
Added more author bios to system.

12/21/2002Updated Editors
Added more people who wish to volunteer as Editors for your stories. These are not the volunteers that upload fiction on FM, but people who would like to help you out if you need it.

09/02/2002Server Update
The server overhaul and update is complete (we hope)!
Updated software and more importantly replaced bad ram chips and expanded the memory in the process. Authors, FTP is active again. The number of connections has been increased higher then it ever was and all caching schemes turned back on. This should eliminate issues some reported of stories been cut off and not fully loading.

We assume this solves the problems the server has experienced in the past few months. But real test is having it run for several weeks or months without any issues. Only time will tell.

06/03/20012 NEW Story Selectors Added
Your Task Force is pleased to announce 2 NEW search functions just added to Fictionmania.

Grab Bag U Select Categories-Keywords
Grab Bag All Categories-Keywords

You will find the new links for this new search functions at the top of just about every page on the site. The are located on the last row of the links.

They will return 6 stories. The display pages act way different then any other pages on the site. When you click on a page it will pop a new window leaving the random selection under the new window. Just close the top most window and you are back at your search results. We figured you might find two stories on the selection you might want to read and if you read one and backed your browser up you would get 6 new random stories loosing the second one you wanted to read based on the way most pages here work. Confused? So are we. But try it out and you will see what we mean. This works for all links on these new pages, including reading and posting reviews (hint hint)

Your Task Force aims to please and respond to site modifications to make this a better place for all. We also aim to turn boys into girls when they visit this site. Still working on that one. But getting closer!

The Task Force

05/27/2001New uncensored Message Board
A new uncensored hyperboard has been created as part of an experiment. The main board will stay under it's current rules. The new board called Mosh Pit is a wide open free wheeling anything goes system with no censorship. It is in test mode for the next 24 to 48 hrs and might become a permanent part of Fictionmania.

You must be warned however, you use it at your own risk. If the heat is to high then we suggest you get out of the kitchen and consider the Main Hyperboard. The link to the old hyperboard remains the same. The link to Mosh Pit can be found on the main hyperboard just above the messages and also at the top of most every page on the site.

03/19/2001New Catagory: Drabbles
Drabbles are short-short stories of exactly 100 words in length.

12/31/00Updating catagories
Updated catagories, listing the creators of universes:
Jenny Adams of Altered Fates
ElrodW of Bikini Beach
Cabinessence of Magical Depot
Ellie Dauber of Mirror Site
Bill Hart of Spells R Us
Raven of Tales of Djinnar
Morpheus of The Great Shift
Caleb Jones and Raven of Ye Olde Body Shoppe

11/02/00Fiction Mania now in its new home.
The Fiction Mania web server is now located in it's new home! This move took many months of planning and work by a number of parties, but it seems to be working smoothly so far. A very big "Thank You" goes out to Mindy Rich and Glamour Boutique for helping to make this possible. Thanks very much for your patience, and we hope you will find the new Fiction Mania to be very much like the old Fiction Mania.

10/13/00Moving and site offline
The FM server will be moving sometime the last week of October when it will be packed up and shipped to it's new home. We as the FM task force have a few kinks to work out yet. We expect it offline no more then a week.

The last story uploaded before the move was on 9/29/00. No more will be added until after the move. Please hold off submitting more until that time.

To read the full message use the URL

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