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General Help and Information about Fictionmania that will make you visit here more enjoyable. This are will be expanded over the coming weeks.

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User Behavior Policies

There are many user interactive functions on Fictionmania that allow you to input text and make comments on this site that can be read by others. What is our policy on User behavior.
How to read stories
When you search for stories and you see the Title of a story and next to that the letters ST and on some stories the letters SWI, what do they mean and what is different about the 3 different ways to read stories on Fictionmania.
Is the story finished?
What in the world does those letters SIBC mean next to the words complete?
Information on those that Volunteer to help add stories to this site. Updated: 11/04/2000
Volunteers who help add stories to Fictionmania have the option to display information about who they are, why they volunteered and the type of stories they like to work on. Find out a little more about those volunteers that have elected to share some information about who they are with you. We owe all the volunteers a big Thank You!
About this site
Needs massive re-write
How many stories get added a month
Curious what the total number of stories added to Fictionmania is per month since the site opened in Feb 98?

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