How To Read Stories-Help Page
There are 3 ways to read a story on Fictionmania currently. A detailed explanation is listed below.

How to read stories

Clicking on the title of a story

When you click on the full title of a story, you get the story along with details that include Title, Author's name, if they have a bio on file, it is hot linked, the story details (used mainly me and the volunteers to check for duplicate stories), Link to reviews if any, link to add reviews, rating, date added, times read, synopsis and the story in html format with the standard headers and footers to navigate the site. This story comes from the local server.

Clicking on the letters ST (located just to the right of the title)

When you on ST, you get a Simple Text version of the story, no navigational headers or footers, or any other information then the story in plain text on a grey background is displayed. This is the fastest method to use to get a story. It does not come from the local servers. It comes from a server located at my ISP and is served to you at T-1 speed. If you are here and the server seems slow, this is the fastest way to get your stories. Also this might be the best way to view a story and then save it to your hard drive and not have all the html stuff inside it.

Clicking on the letters SWI (optional and located just to the right of the letters ST)

If the story has images inside (optional) it that relate to the story, you will see just to the right of the ST link, a link that reads SWI. That means Story With Images. It is exactly like clicking on the full title. You get all the same data, except this file also includes images placed within the story that relate to a scene within the story. This story is served off the local server, and if you are on a slow connection and the author has added several images, it might take awhile to load this page.

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