Is The Story Complete - Help Page
What in the world are the letters SIBC under complete?

Complete, Yes, No or SIBC?

If the author has finished the story, next to complete: you will see Yes

If the author says they are going to write more, the author added a comment at the end of the story (to be continued), or we know that the story was given to us, and we have parts 1,2,3 of 5, then we know parts parts 4 and 5 are coming, so next to complete: you will see No

Sometimes an author will float up a trial story and put a comment at the end, should I write more, Is there interest in me continuing this story or Should It Be Continued? Then these stories are marked next to complete: SIBC. SIBC meaning Should It Be Continued. If you like the story so far and want to see more either use the online review system to add your comments. Or if the author has provided an email address, make sure you let them know you want to see the story continued. Otherwise, if they get no requests to continue, they probably will drop the story and not finish it out of lack of interest.

How do I find out when a story will be completed? If a story is marked No it is not complete or it is marked SIBC, the operators of Fictionmania are the last persons in the world to ask if they know when a story will be finished or if the author has decided to write more of a story marked SIBC. Harsh response yes, but we know just as much as you do and are working as fast as we can to add stories. Authors never tell us, well I will have this story finished in 3 weeks. Or based on the response from feedback or story reviews I have decided to write more of my story. If the author has provided a Biography, they might have an email link you can use to contact them. Or you might try posting your question on the Hyperboard.

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