About the Fictionmania WebSite

as of 02/22/98

Many people write Transgendered fiction with many different story lines. Magical, Crossdressing or TV, Punishment, Futuristic to name a few themes Some like no domination, some do. Some like graphic sex acts detailed out, others hate stories like that. However the purpose of this site is to archive Transgender Fiction. Not to control what is stored here by story content to just the stories we like and exclude the ones we don't. That is the purpose of the categories, keywords and sexual ratings we have placed on stories. To help you find what you are looking for and to warn you about what you might not like. We might not have them right on every story and will change them if someone points out an error or makes a suggestion for a change. We are not here to be a judge and or jury as to what is the correct fiction stories to read or even write.

We are very sensitive to the speed of page delivery

This site was and will be designed to deliver it's content in simplest and fastest manner. There are no fancy backgrounds, automated images, blinking images that do nothing or wav files. These all can slow page delivery to a crawl. You came here for fiction text files, and that is just about all you will see. I own Adobe Photoshop and have created websites for others that are loaded with eye candy that are painfully slow to load over 28.8 dial up. But that is not going to happen here. We don't waste bandwidth just to be cute.

The main servers are local to me. Our connection to the web is via a 128K ISDN line. We have a co-located another server at our ISP on a T-1 line for serving just the images and the Simple Text Files. Html pages go through the router out to you at about 4 to 1 stac compression. Images don't. By just moving the images to the co-located server page delivery is faster because they don't come from here on the ISDN line they come from the co-located server at T-1 speed. Control of our custom databases, java chat and so forth can be anything we want. We don't have to rely on the what acgi's or custom stuff our ISP has. We have total control.

The above paragraph says servers, meaning multiple. We have 3. This way we can split the sites off and work on them in background without taking everything off line for more than a few minutes. One server, does nothing but domain name serving, email and runs the chat software.

The layout of the site is hopefully done is such a way that you can always find the newest stuff quickly and easily. That is why everything is dated. We don't want you to guess which pages have been updated or even when the last time they were updated. Same goes for our links page. Visit the site, see if anything has changed since the last time you were here and get it easily, and if not move on. If the navigation of this site can be improved in anyway please let us know.

When we add stories it is done through a database live. Meaning that if we want to add 2 stories on the same day, the instant we add the first story all the dates connected to the information about stroies show updated on that date. So if you come here after we added the first story you would see a message that says stories were added on x date. Then several days later you come back and see that the date has not changed, but there is another new story. And you wonder how could that be. It is because we continued to add another story after you left. This is the only flaw I see in our system is the adding of stories one by one live vs adding them all at once. Meaning that if you are here while we are adding you could be confused as to what is happening. And probably this paragraph even confused you more :)

Yes this page and these servers are a hobby. The hiddenwoman is a commercial site. We all have other jobs to pay for this. We are not here watching the servers 24 hours a day to catch them if something goes wrong. They are protected by battery back ups and monitoring software. But if the power fails for longer than 30 minutes or the servers crash while we are at work or asleep, then the sites will go down and come back up in seven minutes do to a crash and come back up when the power returns. This assumes everything went to plan and worked correctly. If this were a pay for site then things would be different. And because this is a hobby and financed by us, we do not ask for money and will not except money to help pay any expenses. We knew what we were getting into when we started this project. The only help we need is getting our hands on more stories.

Thank you and enjoy the site. Have as much fun here as we have putting it together

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