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What a splendid group of little tales! I really ejoyed them all, and any of them could be basis for a longer story. The coven story reminded me of a film I saw where a seaman was photographed in a 'compromising' position with a prostitute, with the aim of blackmail. A total failure as all he wanted was a full set of prints to show his shipmates! We need to laugh at our strange likes and this contribution is a gret help. Thanks
Silly Teasers     Details
Still reading, but the first thing that jumps out at me is the use of a foreign language, without translation. I do not speak or read Spanish, so found it rather aggravating. Second, is when you posted the second part, you didn't change the numbering for the part. I often save multiple parts and binge read. Not changing the numbering almost caused me to over write the first part.
Breaking Point     Details
Every time I think the story cannot get any better, I get corrected with the next installment! But it IS distressing to me that "Amalie" cannot manage to articulate a single objection - indeed, not even a single complete sentence - whenever confronted by a a pretty and impressive female authority! Is that the characteristice that Kate saw as his TA that led her to select him? And with each new installment, I have more doubt about Kate's real goal. If indeed it even PRETENDS to be about studying effects of isolation for a potential Mars mission, shouldn't Amalie be smart enough to recognize Controls directions for him to be interacting with person(s) outside the "habitat" would be contradictory for data being developed for such study? And she would KNOW that such observation would be possible? For that matter, can ANYONE be so infatuated that such epiphanies are completely suppressed or obscured? But I LOVE IT - her manipulation of Amalie is a wonder to behold!
Mission to Mars - Part Fourteen     Details
this story is a real blast. keep it comong. make daddy into little sister dede and turn her/him into a little cock sucker love p
Daddy's Little Girl     Details
I liked the story alot! Just finish it, and your first story too!! Remember, work work work!!! Impatiently, Mr Ram
The Jade Box - Part 3     Details

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