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different from what I expected from title which made it interesting to me.
Becoming the Other Woman     Details
Well written story, full of the uusal CJ's 'touches' like not turning down ice cream. The story has a real 'real' feel like it really happened - almost like a cynical case study, my only slight negative is that for this reason lacks 'Drama'! Though the story wasn't written to be dramtic, so my comment is probabably out of line. ANyway its a very enjoyable tale
YOBS: Student Exchange Programme     Details
i was impressed by the temporal schism in the story layout.. it is very seldom that a story starts 2 years later after all the domm stuff. one thing i cant stand is perpetual domm without a happy ending. perhaps though it could act as a part two to a more agressive story this kind of ending would make even the more terrible stories almost worth it. -Well done !
Changing Minds     Details
An interesting continuation of the previous story "Karmic Entropy" by the same author. I liked the twist of the three wishes--a nicely sinister touch on invoking a genie and the unforseen consequences, with the added addition of a genie with a form of conscience. This plotline also has potential for a nice story universe involving the ring and the genie. The story is nicely developed, but it seems a bit generic. It would have been good to have explored a bit more the characters mental changes as well as the associated physical changes--this was touched upon in the "Karmic Entropy" story. I liked keeping the character within the teen age group--but the further embelishment of plot that this would have provided was not fully exploited. Hopefully, the author will explore the potential of this "genie ring" universe concept, with its associated consequences. Alternatively, the universe that was created in "Karmic Entropy" could also be further developed, as is touched upon in this story. I liked the story, but it leaves one with a taste of unrealized potential. The seeds are there, they just need to be cultivated to become fruitful. Thanks for developing and sharing this story with us.
The Retrograde Wish     Details
I think this can form yet another universe of stories a la Ovid or Spells R' Us.
Fantasy Island     Details

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