When Greg signed up for 'The Works' at the new salon in town he had no idea he would end up like this!


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This is a well written fantasy that I really enjoyed, in spite of the religious overtones. I do have a concern about a "lost soul". I feel the original soul in the body of our protagonist should be given a chance of redemption. Perhaps through the birth of another child. She deserves a chance to get it right. Being condemned to die in the body of a priest seems to be a bit severe. We know she/he died due to an overdose; however, it may not have been self inflicted. Let's give her a chance to grow up with awareness of her past and the knowledge that she can get it right. Having her grow up in the guise of a male might be a good approach to keep the TG theme. I want to see more from this author. Portia
Bless Me Father 9: Nuptials     Details
As a new fan of this fanfiction of my Three Sons I've got to say that you've hooked me on this one and good! Every detail of this story so far is great and a joy to read. I can almost see images of how this show would look if it aired. Tammy is by far my fav with Winnie a very close second. I look forward to many more chapters in this amazing story. Keep up the great work
My Three Sons 13-14: Like Orange and Green     Details
I don't have much to say that hasn't been said already. This is truly a wonderful story. I'm appaled at the number of peple who seem to seek out stories like this one to attack about "identity death." If you don't like it, don't read it.
Girl for a Spell     Details
Great story! If you can contact Steph and Jason for me, i have someone in mind i'd like to do that to... I loved it! Serves him right! I would also love to see more stories revolving around Steph, Zoe and Jason, and perhaps from Steph and Jason's point of view? (if you have already and they're posted here, i just haven't run into them yet...) -jEssYcAt
The Reluctant Swapper     Details
I thought it was a good story different ya but certainly for a sissy
Feminized, Faggified and Fixed for Life     Details

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