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What happened? My comments about this story have been erased, along with some others'. I wasn't the original "nasty" reviewer, but I found the story offensive, too, and tried to explain why in reasonable, non-insulting language. Are we only allowed to say good things about stories on Fictionmania? If so, what's the point of including reviews in the first place? I know this was this author's first submission to the website, but given the rather violent content of the story, I don't understand why we feel the author is so fragile they couldn't handle any negative criticism whatsoever.
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I really liked this story. It's a scary fantasy/fear of mine - being caught in a helpless, humiliating situation after being tied-up by someone you trust, but then getting caught by someone else (where you don't know what's going to happen) and being a pawn in their hands.
Making New Friends     Details
One of the all time great TG stories....Always wanted Waldo to write more!
Different Ways to Ride     Details
Great story. There has to be a part 2! We need to see what life is like for Janice. Also, I assume that everyone will want to know what Janice's "first time" is like. Will Cynthia feel a stronger orgasm now that Janice is a full female? WE NEED TO READ MORE ON THESE TWO!
Surrogate Mother     Details
I want to amend my below review by saying that I don't like stories with unrelenting humiliation where the protagonist doesn't get any enjoyment, sexual or otherwise, and that may have contributed to my negative feelings about the story. Others might find it more to their taste than I did. SS
Say The Magic Word     Details

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